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Lost all muh songs

2013-01-27 06:39:02 by Zafrece

Sadly recently i had a massive error with fl studios. Most of my flps ended up being corrupt in the process. I ended up losing a large amount of things i had been working on, along with some good old pieces that we as musicians have for our ears only. Let this be a lesson to any one who reads this to back up your files on a regular basis. Also keep multiple saves of your songs.

Hopefully i will be back on the music making wagon soon enough once i get fl installed again, and get over that" i lost my songs" shock. in the mean time i guess you can see a fragment of one thing i was working on called skydive.

Lost all muh songs


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2013-01-27 07:11:02

Awh shit D:
This happened to me last year, I was livid.
But now, I back up on my flash drive weekly :)

Zafrece responds:

as will i QQ


2013-01-28 08:24:59

Don't give up just yet. Try re-installing FL studio and give it a fresh start, then re-add your vsts. Hopefully that could work. Sorry about your situation so far though .


2013-01-31 22:16:53

*backs up songs...*

Zafrece responds:

lol yes head my warning.


2013-02-01 17:32:32

Maybe you ought to try a system restore. If that doesn't help, than I don't know what will.

Zafrece responds:

system restore doesn't alter or change files.


2013-02-01 21:31:07

I'm so sorry to read this!
I've been there too, and ever since I always back up files
It is a true kick in the head and it's also a shock one has to recover from D;
But hey, all those pieces come from your head, so you have a bottomless repertoire there waiting to be
unleashed! Take care!

Zafrece responds:

Thanks for the pep talk man.